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  • NapaWalli Minimalist Front Pocket Wallets

    $24.99 $21.99

    NAPAWALLI Genuine Leather Wallets

    RFID Blocking – Theft Proof Wallet- Protect Your Identity

    The Secret to Keeping Your Data Safe!

    Identity Theft is at All Time High! Unless properly shielded, your card-based data is readily available when any active reader is in range!

    The Best Way to Protect Your Smart Cards from unwanted capture of data from contact less cards issued by banks, governments and other institutions such as:

    • Credit or Debit (for example: MC PayPass, VISA PayWave, AMEX expresspay, INTERAC Flash, etc.)

    • Enhanced driver’s license

    • Protects against access by NFC-equipped Smartphones

    The RFID lining does not shield against some cards that operate at low frequencies of 125 kHz like hotel key cards, employee ID Badges, transit passes etc.

    NAPAWALLI is a team of free thinkers with varied disciplines from design, engineering, marketing and finance. Together, they share their diverse strengths and united passion of creation to bring to you NEW life-easing everyday must haves. “We love all things beautiful, functional and well crafted. Today there’s a growing community of people who appreciate and hunt for this union of solid functionality, minimalist style combined with great craftsmanship made from honest materials. We believe that these are the core value of our creations and customers.

    • Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.2 x 1 inches
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